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Inspired by the famous taquerias in Ciudad de México, Comalito is a fusion of passion and technique, where each bite is rooted in tradition. We pride ourselves on using only thoughtfully sourced ingredients and the traditional nixtamalization method to create tortillas and tacos unparalleled in quality and taste.

The name “Comalito” pays tribute to the millenary process of cooking corn tortillas on a Comal. This is the foundation of a good taco. We import endemic, organic heirloom corn from central Mexico and process and cook the corn using nixtamalization. The corn is then ground into a fine masa to create our signature tortillas. The Comalito tortilla is what makes us different from others. No somos iguales.
To compliment the flavors of our tacos, we craft six unique salsas made in-house daily using locally sourced peppers and spices including those available in our own backyard at the Houston Farmers Market.

We keep the plancha hot from sun up to sun down offering tacos and pastries para el desayuno. With passion and commitment for every element in our restaurant, we’ve tasted and procured the perfect Mexican coffee blend from Chiapas with notes of chocolate, cane sugar, and cinnamon, to accompany your breakfast of choice.

We invite you to indulge in a true, al pastor experience. Refresh yourself with authentic Mexican mixes from our mezcal bar. Toast to good food and even better company. ¡Buen provecho!

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